Sliding Mirror Wardrobe Doors

Made to measure sliding wardrobe doors delivered to your home with a wide range of designs and finishes. View Pictures
  • Oriental bar Softwhite
    Oriental Bar Soft White One of our most stylish finishes, the soft white glass panels together with our stylish oriental bars gives a modern and sleek appearance with that 'oriental' feeling.
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  • Black Laquer
    Black Laquer Our black laquer finish has a voguish and polished style look and gives a refined and beautiful air to your bedroom, one of our most popular styles to date.
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  • Branston Etched
    Branston Etched One of our most popular specialist mirror finishes, the Branston Etch mirror with it's stunning design gives a professional look to any bedroom.
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Sliding Wardrobe Door Information.

Our sliding wardrobe doors are designed to give a modern and stylish look to any home. Made in the UK our wardrobe doors use aluminium frames together with quality mirrors and glass styles, all of which are available in a wide range of colours and styles.

Our doors are made to measure to your exact sizes and specification of colour and frame finish which adds a personal touch to your home. Make your vision a reality and create yours today with our interactive designer at Sliding Mirror Wardrobe Doors.

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  • Acid Etched Square
    Acid Etched Square Another of our specialist mirror finishes, the Acid Etched Square mirror gives a modernistic look and feel to any bedroom.
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  • Oriental Red
    Oriental Bars Red/Black One of our premium coloured glass finishes together with our black oriental bars adds a very chic style to your home.
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  • Clear Mirror
    Clear Mirror Our clear mirror is without a doubt our most popular finish. This style gives a simple, clean and open feeling to your room.
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